Witches’ Wynd


Friday, October 20

Saturday, October 21


Tickets required.

Update: All tickets are sold out! Folks may come for a “standby line” on a first come / first served basis in case there are

no-shows. Any open spots will be available for purchase at 7:45 pm.

For this popular yearly event, Exchange Place needs no props other than darkness and imagination. For two nights in late October, some of the region’s finest storytellers spin yarns of the macabre and sing traditional ballads of death and murder in and around the historic Exchange Place buildings. Sounds of the night and volunteer guides carrying lanterns enhance the eerie atmosphere while guests meander—or “wynd”—through the homestead.

“Wynd,” an archaic spelling of “wind,” means a curving path (noun) or to travel in a curving path (verb).  It rhymes with “kind.”