Burow Museum

The Burow Museum houses the Exchange Place archives and serves as an exhibit space to teach about Exchange Place and regional history.  The museum honors long-time volunteers Dick and Suzanne Burow, who spearheaded the purchasing of additional acreage and the designation of Exchange Place as a living history farm. 

Many of the logs used for the building came from the Gaines-Anderson House, originally located on Stone Drive in the Arcadia community.  The oldest part of the house was built in 1796 by Ambrose Gaines, a relative of John Gaines.  In the 1940’s, the whole structure was moved several hundred yards during the construction of Stone Drive.  In 2015, it was dismantled and moved to Exchange Place. It has been reconstructed in the “dog-trot” style with a breezeway between the two pens.

dyed yarn

Current Exhibits

The current exhibits, curated by the Overmountain Weavers Guild, celebrate the heritage craft of weaving. In the North Room, the guild is displaying two rare Appalachian rocker beater looms, which they have restored and are now using to weave curtains for the Main House.  On the walls in this room is a colorful display of yarn dyed naturally from plants, many from the Exchange Place gardens.

The South Room features a special exhibit of pieces from the OMWG’s 50th Anniversary Challenge, honoring Suzanne Burow, a founding member of the guild.  When Suzanne picked up the first loom for Exchange Place, she was offered a box of “drafts” (instructions for warping a loom) that had belonged to Lucinda Phillips (1821-1903).  There were 70 drafts in all, each rolled around a bamboo tube and tied with linen and cotton thread.  Many of the drafts, including the “Morning Star” pattern drawn by Lucinda’s daughter and the “Counter Pin” draft from her mother-in-law, have been woven by members of the OMWG and are on display. Perhaps the most interesting is the “Huckerback Draft” given to Lucinda by her sister-in-law before she left for Iowa and which aptly contains the phrase, “When this you see, remember me.”